Preparing For Growth

Investments are been done on infrastructure, equipment and information systems. Considenng the increase of volume, an upgrade of our container yard (doubled our storage capacity of full containers to 11,200 TEUs/day) and equipment was done and we expect to receive by the first quarter of 2013 two new ship-to-shore gantry cranes.

Future Terminals

Together with partners, CdM has plans for the following additional terminals:

  • Sugar terminal
  • Fertilizer terminal
  • Mineral terminal
  • Coal terminal
  • Car terminal
  • Sulphur termmal
  • Bio Fuel Terminal

General Cargo Terminal

  • Beira Grain Terminal (BGT) will operate the grain terminal for the import and export of agriculture commodities (grain, wheat, maize) to and from Mozambique and its neighboring countries.

    • Phase 1: 6 silos with storage capacity of 30,000 metric tons.

    • Phase 2: 6 silos with storage capacity of 30,000 metric tons.

The first Phase of Beira Grain Terminal (BGT) progressing smoothly and the terminal is set to become operational end of this month. BGT will lower the cost of grain imported and exported from the region through the use of bulk handling and bulk storage.

  • Similarly Bulk Terminals for Fertilizer (30.000Tonnes storage capacity) and Sugar Terminal are in varying stages of negotiation with the Landlord of the Port CFM and potential partners.

  • Dedicated warehouse for break bulk tobacco (6.400 sqm - under construction) and,

  • CCTV cameras for all around the Port.

  • New Coal Terminal